Blake Ward at  Hilton | Asmus Contemporary

With more than 25 years experience representing an international array of artists, the gallery is the partnership between veteran gallerist, artist and poet, Arica Hilton and German-born Sven Asmus.

Specializing in contemporary paintings, works on paper, textiles, sculpture and photography featuring Chicago-based artists, as well as internationally known artists from Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean Region.

Located in the River North Art District in Chicago, the gallery is at the corner of Wells and Superior.

Gallery Hours:

Tuesday-Saturday 12am to 6pm
Sunday & Monday by appointment

Our Location

716 North Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60654, U.S.A.

Phone: +1 312 475 1788


Blake Sculpture at Hilton Asmus Contemporary

Photo taken from the left front of a partial female dancing figure in bronze with a gold interior visible from both sides
Vohamanah Front 3165
Photo of a partial male figure in bronze viewed from the front left side
Angel Valoel Photo taken from the front right of a partial female figure in bronze with an exposed interior structure. Created by Blake Ward Blake Sculpture
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