Early Work

My work is firmly rooted in the traditions of antiquity where classical figurative sculpture is the foundation of artistic heritage, the starting point for all that follows.

During my first two decades, the figurative work explored a balance between a specific expressive pose, which was connected to some aspect of our common humanity and history, and the narrative that organically unfolded as I worked on a piece.

I am consistently drawn to the beauty, strength and magnificence within the form and figure of each of us, as well as the inexplicable alchemy of sensuality and sentiment – sometimes distorted by our demons, sometimes an enchantment of all that’s good and pure in our souls.

This inexplicable alchemy is reflected in my choice of live models.
Besides the obvious anatomy, the very presence and participation of my models includes a powerful contribution of their spirit, energy and presence into the final expression of the sculpture.

Now, in my most recent works, I want to establish a renewed relationship with the classical figure. I want the narrative within the form to explore the mysterious history of our souls through the visual poetry of pose and expression.

I want to open a conscious, intentional flow between the external form of our bodies and our internal landscape of Self and the Soul.