ReThink Collection

ReThink encourages us to look again at issues surrounding our world.

We are invited to delve inside ourselves to reconsider ideas, and in so doing gain a perception from a different vantage.

My response is to focus attention with provocative and highly charged material that threatens the prevailing notions of truth, beauty, faith and the law.

Within the scope of human interaction and social behavior there are collective stereotypes – one might even say agreements – that have always allowed politics and religion to trample human rights.

ReThink is about using knowledge and understanding to make the world a better place, to fight injustice and take a stand for human rights.

Heroes and the vanquished unite common themes such as struggle; battle and war and again, we find the deconstruction of beauty used to make a point.

Even though the external expression of my work is based on the human figure, the specific conditions of humanity and the mysterious spirit behind our existence are the driving forces behind my completed artworks.