Spirit Collection

Spirit Collection
These provocative bronze figures are imperishable warriors.
Angels and phantoms forging through fragments of ancient myths to the depths of our awareness.

For years I have found myself challenging what figurative sculpture means to me.
I have become increasingly fascinated with introducing the interior aspect of my work, the idea of the inner spirit as a part of our existence with a notion of soul, character, will, history and morality began to resonate with my desire to abstract the figure by retaining only a fragment of the whole.

I was able to make a connection between the rough exterior and the exposed interior – the physical world and our inner selves.
This allowed the interior to take on greater significance including the concept of who and what we are in today’s modern society.

These areas came to represent the physical and the abstract.
The exterior being associated with the reality that affects us all as a condition of the real material world, the interior signifying the non-corporeal world: the authority we have within ourselves over our spiritual and emotional comprehension.

The interior of this artwork represents this awareness: symbolizing an expanding consciousness.
On their materializing exterior surfaces the pieces shows evidence of our material reality.

They began to take on a layered appearance that represent the masks and walls behind which the stratum of personalities and identities that we create take refuge.

By opening up spaces within partial figures, the viewer is pointed toward an understanding that the parts we cannot see, are not in fact missing.

The missing parts are as important as those features that are present.
They are as important as all we can imagine them to be.